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How to Join

Do you like dragons, and do you draw them? Maybe you want to join this group? All it takes is clicking on the Join Group button!

But take note! When sending in your join request, YOU MUST SUPPLY US WITH 5 LINKS to completed dragon deviations in your gallery. If you do not provide us with 5 separate links, your request will automatically be declined.


If you don't really feel like joining the group, but just want to get updates and art into your inbox, then just watch us. Alternatively, you might not have the required 5 dragon deviations to join, so you can just watch us until you do!

As a watcher, you can:
:bulletblue: Receive art and updates into your inbox
:bulletwhite: Find new people to watch!


Members are people who don't always choose to draw dragons; they might choose to draw different things, but still wish to join. To be a member, you must have at least 5 separate deviations containing dragons in your gallery. Do not forget to send us links to those 5 deviations in your join request.

As a member, you can:
:bulletblue: Submit art to the group
:bulletwhite: Get seen by more people!

The Admin Classes

Gold Dragon
The founder of the group. They make sure it is running smoothly.

Silver Dragon
The co-founder of the group. They assist the Gold Dragon with administrative duties.

The Council
The moderators of the group. They assist the Gold and Silver Dragons by approving submission and join requests. Applications to be a member of the Council are sent to the Gold Dragon. If you are interested in being a member of the Council, please look over this information before you send your request.

The Wise
These long-time members have earned their way to being assistants of the group. They help make administrative decisions, and they try their best to help any member in need. Applications to be a member of the Wise are closed, as they are hand-picked; any requests will be ignored.




This group is about supporting fellow dragon artists around deviantART. It does not matter if you're small or big, good or bad, you're always welcome to join here!

Our gallery is filled with many wonderful pictures of dragons for you to browse through at your leisure! If you'd like to be a Member and contribute your own dragon works to the group, please read the information on your left, "How to Join"!

Also, stop by our chatroom if you need any questions answered, or if you just want to hang out!

Want to affiliate your group?

We'd be happy to add you to our affiliates! However, please send us an affiliation request. Requests on the front page or in notes will be ignored.

Important Information

Enjoy your stay!

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Why was my join request declined?

Simply because you didn't read the rules. Scroll back up this page and try again.

Why was my submission declined?

See here for more info.


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FlamesVoices Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Question, question! *raises hand*
I want to join but for those links... Hmm... Well, all my dragons don't fit into any of those categories (at this moment in time) or are considered fanart of other dragons (Smaug is one of them). Do these count, or no? :'3c
General-EbonRose Apr 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It's impossible for your dragons not to fit into a category. We have an "Other" category just for that =P I recommend you read the gallery descriptions if you have not already:…

And yes, Fanart and art of other deviant's characters are accepted here. We don't have a folder specifically for fanart, it just goes in whatever gallery best matches the dragon. You don't need to provide links to your own characters or different characters, just any completed art with a dragon in it.

Just let me know if you have any more questions =)
Umm... hi? I can't speak English very good,  and I can't draw dragons very good, but can I join? xD I don't know what else should I say.
General-EbonRose Apr 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yes of course. =)
AveryCF Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Im not that good at drawing dragons but if I still drew 5 different things of dragons I did and supplied the links, would I still be able to join?
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